Shelter Dog Photography - LisaBinnsPhotography

Truth be told, while I love shooting almost anything . . . DOG PHOTOGRAPHY is my passion.   

I use photography to save lives, one picture at a time by donating  my time and talents every week and weekend to the Stray Animal Adoption Program and other rescues and animal shelters.  [If you are looking for a picture of a pet that you rescued from one of these great organizations - some are in galleries on this page.  Reach out if you can't find your pet and I can search my files!)

My volunteer work is my passion and is where I have been spending most of my time but my dream is to find a philanthropic sponsor to support my rescue work full time as a career so that I can help more rescues.  If you have contacts, resources or ideas to make this dream come true...I am all ears!  I've actually been writing to Ellen Degeneres for 8 years . . . so if you two are friends, please put in a good word!  The same goes for Lisa Vanderpump of Vanderpump Dogs...if you've got her ear, please whisper my name to her the next time you are at Sur or Pump!

You can book an appointment online here for a studio session. . . and if you don't see a time available . . . feel free to email me and we'll work it out!  My studio is located inside Allies Walkabout at 2640 Crescent Springs Road, Erlanger KY 41017. I also do sessions at parks, at your home or anywhere your pets are happiest!

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